Butler Creek. A residential community in Kennesaw, Georgia

Butler Creek is located in Kennesaw, GA, about 30 minutes north of downtown Atlanta, close to I-75 and I-575, the mountains, the beach, and everything in between. We are a swim-tennis community of 144 homes located between Cobb Parkway and Stilesboro Road, convenient to shopping, the new Atlanta Braves Stadium, lakes, and the mountains. Butler Creek is a very social community, a true neighborhood where neighbors know neighbors, and people look out for one another.

On-street Parking

As many of you are aware, the on-street parking situation continues to be a problem in the neighborhood. Each home has sufficient space to park within their garage and/or in their driveway, so there are very few times when consistently parking on the street is necessary.

Obviously if you are having a party or having work done on your house that blocks your driveway, there will be no choice but to park in the street as a temporary solution. However, using the street as a daily parking area is not a solution and causes several problems that you may not be aware of:

  • Unsafe travel in the neighborhood. Especially if you are parked at the crest of a hill or on a curve, parking on the street forces traffic to flow around your car, creating a very unsafe condition -- driving blind into the oncoming lane. This is very serious, and several neighbors have had close calls with head-on collisions.
  • If your car leaks oil or other fluids, this will damage our newly-paved roads.
  • Small children cannot easily see around parked cars, and drivers have trouble seeing children that may be running out from behind a parked car.
  • Parking in the road is very unsightly and degrades the appearance of the neighborhood.

Please do your part and park in your driveway, it will greatly improve the safety and appearance of Butler Creek!